Storytelling is the New Essential Marketing Tool

Stories stick in our minds and connect with us at an emotional level. Good stories change our perspective. What’s really memorable about Super Bowl ads? Most would agree, it’s the story they tell.

Narratives matter but storytelling matters more.

Storytelling has become one of the latest marketing buzz words. Maybe we should say “over-used.” We find it used to describe everything from anecdotes to case studies.

There’s actually a process for creating genuine corporate brand stories that leverages the science of persuasion to motivate behavioral change. Most of us would credit the work of comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell and his work, The Hero’s Journey, as creating the road map we marketers follow today.

Why should you care?

If your business depends on connecting with advisors or consumers as a source of business then you should be using storytelling.

If your business depends on getting advisors or consumer to do something different you should be using storytelling.

Getting advisors or consumers to switch to your service or product requires motivation and change. You could benefit from storytelling.

What’s your story?

There’s actually a process that develops your story in a way that connects with your target audience using a “5 chapter” approach.

EAG has helped leading financial institutions develop stories that have helped them attract larger audiences, drive sales activity and build their businesses. We would be happy to help you find your story.