Expensive Marketing Lessons from FANG

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They’ve changed the rules of the game for retail stores, travel, movie going, music, dating and marketing to financial advisors.

In large part due to companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (FANG), as many as 70% of your financial advisor prospects will make a decision about doing business without ever speaking to you. Their decision will be based only your digital footprint.

You might have seen more articles recently telling advisors:

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Don’t get me wrong, these articles are right. Advisors, RIAs, IMO s others are definitely missing the strategy, content and the digital marketing tools to compete in today’s competitive marketplace.

But this is only part of the story. At the end of the day, marketing is a conversation you have with people who might need your help. It’s about engagement, not selling.

When you meet someone new, you don’t normally ask them if they want to do business in the first few minutes of the conversation, do you? You take the time to get to know them. You ask questions. More importantly, you answer their questions. Isn’t each conversation a little unique?

FANG has changed expectations for consumers and businesses to the point that they expect all of their interactions to be relevant, personal and most importantly, authentic.

Have you engaged your prospects in a meaningful and relevant conversation?

Lesson #1 to learn from FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google): engage your prospects with authenticity.

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