FANG has changed the game!

The world renowned consultants at McKinsey put it this way:

“For the past decade, the life insurance and annuities industry has struggled to find growth. The future of the life insurance industry will depend on adaptation.

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But when’s the last time you saw one on TV?

Have you heard of Vitaminwater? Coke bought it for $4.1bn. Traditional soft drinks are now less than 2/3 of Coke’s business, and that percentage is likely to decline.

The problem, I think, is that we fell out of love with sweet, syrupy soft drinks. Coke saw this handwriting on the wall, so they evolved into ready-to-drink teas and coffees and juices and dairy products.

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That’s right. Oxytocin.

Whether you are marketing to financial advisors or affluent families, your marketing needs a good dose of oxytocin.

If you a looking for more sales activity, more profitable conversions and less pressure to discount your value; then oxytocin is what you need.

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